We proactively work with our clients to deliver transformative results. We truly appreciate you sharing your experiences and strive to continue making everyone a better & healthier version of yourself.

" Dr.Harkins always does an amzing job! I have been going to him for a few years and he always takes the time to understands my concerns an takes his time to explain his processes. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him and his staff! "


" Dear Dr. Harkins,
I would like to take the time and Thank you for all your help and support with my health
I had prayed to God that I would find someone or something that would restore my energy
And my eating habits were out of control
My vision was blurry, I couldn't concentrate I was TIRED!
You did the whole analysis of my body, mind and spirit and little by little I started feeling better
When you gave me the guidelines for the Program I couldn’t believe it
No Carbs!! No Sweets?!! What I thought you were crazy better yet I thought is was going
To go crazy.
The new diet turned into a new way of eating, I make better choices, I can eat all the
Veggies I want with the exception of a few that contain sugar and very little to no carbs
My body and mind feel so much better I feel like me again
I thought I would never regain my shape again and feel healthy
I went from a size 12 to a size 6 petit I’ve been told that my skin looks better
My co-workers say that my weight just melting off!

Thank you again for all your help and may you have great success with other patients


" When I was 31, I started having stiffness in my toes and fingers. I went to several Doctors and was told that I was too young for any critical health problems and that I was just working too hard at my job and with my 2 kids. I finally went to a Rheumatologist, he did a blood test and said that I had Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was thrilled, the pain wasn't 'in my head'. Needless to say it was one of the worst days of my life. The Doctors immediately put me on Celebrex. By the time I was 38 I was on Vioxx, Methotrexate, Plaquanil, and Enbrel. These meds helped the severe symptoms of my RA, but were destroying other parts of my body. I had to go to an Opthomoligist because of the plaquanil, got sores in my mouth due to one of the meds, and the Methotrexate caused white spots on my body. After 6 years of taking so many medications, I decided to stop taking all of them. I continued to feel really well for about a year, then the symptoms returned with a vengeance. I went to see Dr. Harkins and he started me on a Detox, nutritional plan, and an inflammation diet. I was to stay on this program for 4 months, but within 2 to 3 weeks I was feeling 85% better. I have been on a nutritional plan and the inflammation diet ever since. I have learned to read my body now and I know what hurts me now.
I will always be thankful for Dr. Harkins knowledge and the help he has given me because he gave me my life back. Thank You! "


" Prior to treating with Dr. Harkins, I was a 29-year old female and I was at the end of my rope – physically and mentally. I have a double scoliosis and I have dealt with back pain (excruciating at times) and stiffness most of my life. Struggling to make it through the pain each day, I was also experiencing significant stress and digestive problems on a daily basis. I had previously turned to medical doctors and chiropractors for help, but I was getting nowhere.

I came across chiropractors that were over booked and rushed me, or doctors wanting to prescribe medications or even worse, surgery. None of them had any real answers to provide and they only seemed interested in treating my symptoms, telling me I would just have to deal with these symptoms for the rest of my life.

Working for a local personal injury law firm, I had easy access to a multitude of doctors and chiropractors, but I decided I needed to find someone “outside of the box” and I began to pray. I was drawn to a website for Re-Birth Chiropractic & Functional Medicine. Dr. Harkins’ outlook on life and innovative approach to treatment clicked with me and I immediately made the call to set up my first appointment.

My first appointment was four months ago and my life has been forever changed. During our initial meeting, I was blown away by his caring attitude, knowledge, and professionalism, and for the first time in a LONG time, I felt there was hope for me. Dr. Harkins genuinely cared about all aspects of my health – physical, mental, emotional – and was invested in my wellbeing. He asked me questions no doctor had ever asked me before, and through our discussions, I gained such valuable knowledge about my health and my body. I started treating with Dr. Harkins immediately and I never felt rushed during appointments, I was able to confide in him, and more importantly, I saw amazing results. In addition to treating my immediate symptoms, Dr. Harkins has provided me with the tools and knowledge that I can use for the rest of my life.

I am now a 30-year old female who has been “reborn” and I have my life back. I no longer experience the pain and stiffness in my back, and I am in better shape now than I have been in years. Through my treatments, including adjustments, nutritional plans, and exercises, I now know my body better than ever and I have learned how to cope with stress in my everyday life. Digestive problems are no longer an issue, and I am now more attentive to what I put into my body. Dr. Robin Harkins is the only doctor that I would trust as a referral for my friends, family, and co-workers.

Dr. Harkins: I feel that God led me to you and I have been truly blessed as a result. Thank you! - K. Sanchez of Oxnard, Ca"


" I want to say a few words to you. I want my life to be a manifestation of the wonderful healing I have experienced while under your care. Your astounding knowledge, and gift of healing, has given me my life back. You have impacted my life in a most wonderful way. Not only your knowledge, but your love for people, is transparent and gives us all a sense of security that helps us through our hardest moments. About a year ago I came to you with several issues. Although I pride myself in being a healthy person, there are only so many things we can accomplish by eating the "raw veggies, and taking our supplements". Needless to say, the stress of many life developments in the last few years was wreaking havoc in my mind and body. You took me, healed me, and balanced me out! You have restored me back to being the person I lost along the way. Last May, after seeing my mother suffer, and subsequently passing away, you held me together and I was able to be stronger than I would have been had you not been there for me! Thank you for your loving care! - SC "


" I am in my late 40's and had neck and back surgeries to correct degenerative issues but was still in constant pain in my neck, back, and legs (I was taking Vicodin 2 -3 times a day just to function). I wanted to feel better but nothing was helping. My wife forced me to go see Dr. Harkins because I didn't believe it would help and said as much during the initial consultation with him.

Only having some lab work, my answers to his consultation questionnaire and performing a few physical tests he was surprisingly very accurate identifying my ailments. He took an hour explaining how all of the parts my body affected how I felt. Some of the explanations seemed strange but the way he explained it all made sense to me.

He was upfront and said he could not help me if I didn't put the effort in. It was all up to me. It would not be easy. He gave me a diet, a list of stretches and exercises (that got progressively harder), affirmations, adjustments, and positive support which in the end resulted in better health and physical condition than when I retired from the Navy.

I won't apologize for my initial disbelief and know I put forth a lot of effort however, today I truly believe his guidance, effort, and support led me to a healthier lifestyle and significantly less pain. - Art D "


" Dr. Harkins is a compassionate, caring and knowledgeable chiropractor. He genuinely cares and listens to your concerns. Dr. Harkins treats everyone with kindness and respect, which makes trusting him an easy thing to do."


"Dr.Harkins has LITERALLY changed my life. From when I first started (5 Years ago) to now. I am more aware of what my body needs and the consistent adjustments keeps me in tip top shape. He really takes his time and gets to know you on a personal level. I can say that I found a wonderful friend AND doctor. He is truly amazing!!"