Dr. Robin C. Harkins

Board Certified Integrative Medicine

Board Certified Integrative Medicine


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Start Living Your Life Again!

Don’t let pain, fatigue, or a chronic condition slow you down.  Let Dr. Harkins show you how to experience life with less pain, less medication, and more enjoyment.  Its your life, take it back!

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Dr. Harkins on The Importance of Having Someone in Your Corner

Dr. Harkins approach was shaped and refined in the boxing ring. Every sport requires the level of physical, biochemical, and emotional fitness the same as boxing does. Dr. Harkins has been the secret weapon for Huge “The Boss” Centeno Jr.– whether you are professional or amateur he can be your secret weapon too!

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Optimize Yourself

In “The Game of Life”, with Dr. Harkins in your corner you can’t lose! Dr. Harkins will help you to achieve optimal health, mind, body and soul so you can live life to your full potential.

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Re-Birth Chiropractic & Functional Medicine

A New Approach for a New You

“The Key to Optimal Health is finding balance”

Dr. Robin C. Harkins D.C. BCIM

It’s not enough to simply treat the symptoms.

Dr. Harkins address the whole body to find and heal the underlying cause of a condition.


Nutrition are building blocks of health. Quality nutrition in the form of food or supplements help to determine how your body will react to the stress of everyday life.  You are what you eat.


The body’s systems work together in a specific and synergistic manner; all the puzzle pieces must fit together in there proper place. Then the image of the optimized body can be revealed.


Just like food, our body must digest emotions. When we do not they can sometimes be worse than any debilitating disease. Emotions should never be over looked when it comes to the nervous system.

“I feel better and look better than I ever have before…even before developing rheumatoid arthritis.  Thank you Dr. Harkins!”

Rebecca P.